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Am I Crazy? [Chapter 3] 

Title: From Yesterday 

Words: 2,706

Pairings: WMatsui, AtsuMina, *******

Genre: Horror, paranormal, angst, romance, etc. 

Warning: If you do not like ‘scary’ stories or random catastrophes that would make you go, “WTF” then do not read on words.


Chapter 3

On the mountain he sits, not of gold but of sin

Through the blood, he can learn see the life that it turns

From council of one he’ll decide when he’s done

With innocent on his face is a map of the world

-From Yesterday by 30 Seconds to Mars

I stared at the girl in front of me, wondering what she may have wanted at this hour. She was wearing her nurse’s attire, her hair up in a loose ponytail. She held a clipboard to her chest, a stack of notes strapped on it. She was looking at me hesitantly, her cheeks slightly pink.

“What is it?” I asked her. The room was somewhat dark; the only light coming from was from the lamp on the bedside table. I’ve been in bed all day, just staring out the window like I usually do. It was too dark to see anything right now. The only thing I saw was the city lights and the occasional cars that would go by. 

She looked at the clipboard as if she was reading something. “I asked for permission.” I tilted my head. “I’ve only been here a couple weeks, only three weeks assigned to you, and I don’t fully understand why you have to stay in your room all day. So, I asked for permission. For you to get released for a day so you can get some fresh air…or something.” I couldn’t help but laugh. She looked at me in confusion.

“Sorry, I couldn’t help it.” Her lips turned into a pout. My eyes trained on her lips for a second, before looking into her eyes. “Tell me something, why exactly do you think I’m stuck here?” She blinked, opened her mouth, but closed it. I smiled at her, amused.

I moved the blanket over my waist and moved my legs to the side. With a hop, I was on the ground, my feet already taking me to her. She backed up till her back was against the wall, her eyes slightly wide. “I’m here for a reason. Why, you must wonder? Well…” My hand went beside her head, my head leaning closer. She smelled like anesthetics and hydrogen peroxide. Like the hospital.

Her eyes were full of emotion. I bit my lip, my eyes taking in every detail of her face. I never truly looked at the girl in front of me. Sure, she’s always there when I get my daily checkups or when she’s giving me my bath. But I never truly stopped and looked at her. Sure, she was four years younger than me; she wasn’t just cute. She was already showing signs of true beauty.

(A/N I made Jurina a little older… just because.)

“I’m fucking crazy.” I kissed her nose and took a step back. The look she gave me was priceless. I put my hands behind my back. “I’m sure you realized it as well though. I mean, who in their right mind would kill, I guess you might call them zombies, for a living?”

I turned around to head back to my bed. A hand stopped me, grasping my wrist. I turned around slowly, my eyebrow going up in disdain. Her eyes bore into mine; they made her look older, wiser. She looked confident in something, something I was not sure about.

“I just told you I was crazy, what makes yo-” She pushed me onto the bed till I had no choice but to intervene. She ended up on her back on the bed, my hand holding both her hands above her head. My other hand was wrapped around her throat. I stared at her, waiting for her to plea for her life. Her eyes never changed, if anything, they softened.

“Why… why are you being so stubborn? Do you not understand the position you are in right now?” I squeezed her neck slightly to emphasize. “I could kill you with just the snap of my wrist.” A slow growl escaped my lips.

“If you were going to kill me, you would have done it weeks ago.” Ticked off, I let go of her. My eyes narrowed.

“Fine, you fucking masochist, I’ll go, but don’t be surprised of what could happen tomorrow.”  I grabbed her wrist and pushed her to the door. She stumbled but caught herself. She turned around, a bright smile on her lips as if the act that just transpired did not happen at all.  I blinked, confused.

“It’s a date.” With that, she left my room, leaving me staring blankly at where she left.

I scratched my head.



The somewhat average height girl walked around the busy streets, her eyes wide with amazement at all the new scenery being placed in her head. She gave the sky a bright smile, her dimples showing how happy she was. There was a feeling in her chest that felt as if she was free, like all the hardships she went through didn’t happen at all.

It made her wonder what she truly believed in.

But she pushed that aside, her fixed mind whispering their demands. His words again whispered in her mind and she tightened her hand into a fist. She would do this for him; without him, she wouldn’t be alive right now. She and her friends would be out on the streets, begging and probably starved to death. Well, that is what she truly thought. Her inner conscious thought otherwise though, knowing the truth full well.

The only problem was that her mind was locked and only the strongest of keys could open it.

The girl started walking around, her feet taking her wherever they pleased. In the corner of her eye, she spotted something interesting. In awe, she started walking there. In the back of her mind, she remembered where she was. Memories emerged, making her head throb. She tried to push her thoughts to them but it only made her head ache more. With a shake of her head, she walked into the amusement park that seemed to bring haunting memories to her. 

She walked with a large group inside, the workers not noticing that she didn’t pay to get in. Once inside, she left the group, her feet taking her the heart of her memories. She didn’t need a map to know where she was going; the attraction was the largest and biggest in the amusement park. You could see it miles away. It was in the heart of the amusement park, her thoughts able to get that out of her throbbing head. She stopped a couple feet away from it. It was like someone was pounding a hammer against her head.

The giant Ferris wheel gleamed as the sun hit the windows. Couples walked in the carts, hand in hand. She watched a couple as they laughed at a joke, the man pulling the girl close for a small kiss. They entered the cart with wide smiles. She felt something in her stomach, which she took as jealously and loneliness.

She stumbled forward, slightly in a daze as someone bumped into her. She looked up in time to see someone looking at her apologetically. She twitched a smile but frowned as she felt something on her shirt. She looked down and grimaced as she saw ice cream on her newly bought shirt. Before she could say anything, the girl and her taller companion walked her towards the bathroom where they helped her clean up the mess.

She couldn’t help but think the taller girl was glaring at her.



I walked out of the bathroom, sighing slightly. My nurse was cleaning up the girl’s shirt after she dropped ice cream all over it. This girl was truly a clumsy one. I sat down at a nearby bench and waited. When they got out, the girl’s shirt was slightly wet but no trace of the treat was on her. Jurina was good at cleaning things up.

The girl was wearing black shorts with a baggy white T-shirt. A thin, yellow jacket went over her, the hood up over her head. Black, high top converse were on her feet, the shoelaces bright neon yellow. She had brown, short hair that curled at the ends. When she smiled she reminded me of a happy squirrel. Her eyes always seemed to twinkle as she looked around her. As if she was remembering something.

I turned to my nurse who seemed to be smiling at me; she was wearing a dress unlike my simple black dress. Her dress was a strapless gray piece with colorful flowers on the bottom and across her breast area. She was wearing simple black flip-flops like my own. A part of her hair was pulled to the side in a small ponytail, bouncing every time she walked. She gave me a Cheshire smile.

I couldn’t help but look at her neck where a small mark was barely shown.

“Sorry to keep you waiting, Rena-chan.” I let out a small growl at the name but let it go. I nodded and stood up. I eyed the girl next to her who was giving me a big smile. Jurina turned to her too, not really sure where to start. “Um… her name is-“

“Yuko, Oshima Yuko,” the smaller girl said. She nodded to herself as if she was proud she got something right. “I’m sorry to have troubled you, Miss…”

“Matsui Rena.” Her eyes seemed to brighten at the name.

“Like this girl!” She pointed to the nurse. “Are you two sisters?” I scowled and shook my head. “Oh, too bad… It would have been… funny.” Slightly confused, I put my hand behind my head. I looked at Jurina, wondering what to do with this girl.

“Um… Oshima-san,” she started off first.

“Please call me Yuko.”

“A- ah…Yuko-san, where were you headed?” My eye twitched, wondering why she even cared.

“What she means to say is that we are sorry to intrude on your day, but we should be heading our own way,” I said right after, not liking how she worded it. Jurina glared at me before looking back at Yuko.

The squirrel scratched her cheek sheepishly. “I really don’t know. I was just walking when I ended up over here. I don’t really remember my way around.” I frowned.

“Do you have any family or friends over here?” Something sparked in the girl’s eyes but it disappeared as it came.

“No, I was just dropped off.”

“What do you mean…?” Jurina clasped her hands together. I turned to look at the suddenly cheerful girl. “Let’s take her to Takamina then, she’ll know what to do~”  

“I’m pretty sure the Det-…Takamina is a busy girl.” Yuko looked at us as if confused; she seemed to be deep in thought.  “Are you sure you don’t know anyone here? Not even a place to stay?” She blinked out of her thoughts and turned to me.

“I’m positive.” Che…

“Fine, we’ll take you to see her.” The girl seemed to relish the thought. Both girls, actually.

“Now…” Jurina turned to me. “Do you know where Takamina lives?”

I facepalmed. “You’re hopeless…”


When we got to her apartment, the lights were on. Dusk had passed and it was already getting dark outside. I knocked on the door and waited for the detective to open it. When she did, she seemed to be in a gloomy state.  There were bags under her eyes and her usual professional demeanor was… unprofessional. Her clean ponytail was a mess, her hair breaking way of the rubber band keeping it up, sticking up in odd corners. Her suit had wrinkles, her tie loose around her neck. Her white shirt was pulled open, showing a plain tee underneath.

She was in a very sorry state.

“What… what are you two doing here?” She looked at us then eyed the girl behind us. She ushered us in the apartment before closing the door and locking it. We sat down on the couch in the living room while she went into her room. When she came out, her hair was down and her tie taken off. She walked over to a chair and sat down, her legs crossing. I broke the silence.

“No offence, Captain, but you look like shit.” She cracked a smile.

“None taken, I know I do.” Her smile fainted into a frown and she looked back towards her room. “I just came back from the hospital. They told me I could take her with me here. So I could take care of her.” She had a far off look. We all knew, besides the girl, who she was talking about.

“How is she?” Jurina asked. The look she gave us told us all. “Oh…”

“Who are you talking about?” Oshima’s voice seemed to echo off the room. Her head was tilted to the side, the sparkles still in her eyes.  Minami seemed to be confused with the question or maybe why the girl had even asked it. 

“A v- very good friend of mine.” Silence overlapped us, none of us knowing what really to do next. I sighed and moved my hair to the side of my face.

“This girl,” I pointed to Yuko. “Doesn’t have a place to stay nor does she even know where she is. I think.  We don’t know what to do with her and we just didn’t want to leave her alone.” Takamina gave me an amuse smile. “Not one word, shorty,” I added.

The detective looked at Yuko with a smile. “Hello there, I wouldn’t mind you staying here until you figure out what you were going to do. What’s your name?” Yuko gave her a cheerful smile before pushing herself off the couch.

“Before that, I have to go you the bathroom.” All of us blinked before Takamina pointed into the hall. The small, but not smallest, girl left swiftly to her destination. 

“That was… odd,” Jurina said. We all nodded.

“Who was she? She looked fami-” A crash resonated in the owner of the apartment’s room. Worry overtook her face as she shot up from her chair. I couldn’t help but see hope in her eyes. I waited a second before getting up. The nurse beside me got up too but I told her to stay. Even though I warned her, she still followed.

I stopped at the doorway where the captain stopped too. I looked at her frozen state: her eyes were slightly wide and I could see tears in her eyes. I lifted my eyebrow before looking at what she was staring at. A low growl rose in my throat out of reaction.

Yuko was on the floor, a smile on her face. She was just lying there, observing the girl who had her hand around her neck, squeezing till she was turning slightly blue. The girl on top of her only wore her nurses’ attire, her long hair covering her face. They both seemed to be scrutinizing the other.

Yuko titled her head before her hand came up to move the girl who was in a coma’s hair out of her face. “I found you, our ace.” The girl on top stiffened at the name.

The captain’s knees were shaking and I had to catch her before she could fall. Tears were rolling down her face and she wiped them away with her hand. It was softly spoken, but we all heard her say it.



A tall girl with long, brown hair looked out the fake window of her room/cell. She felt lonely, sad inside. When she woke up, her roommate was already gone. She felt something build up in her throat but she swallowed it. She curled up in a ball, hugging her knees to her chest. She heard footsteps coming her way and she knew it was already time. She whimpered.

She looked at the bed across from her that her roommate scarcely used. She felt tears in her eyes and she whispered the words in her heart that she hoped were true.

“Yuu-chan… I hope you’re safe…”

The man looked at her with a smile before opening the cell.



I would like to thank ze awesome ZuZu-tan for PR’ing this, even though she may have shot herself a few times while reading it <3 

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