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When Halloween Preparations Go Askew  

When Halloween Preparations Go Askew - A Nanoha/Asteonx Satsunyan Collaborative Fanfic

Pairing: NanoFate

A/N: Hi~! This is a 3-day long project/story that Nanoha and Satsunyan collaborated on. It’s full of quality, art, and more quality. This is a story written in dedication to one of our sister-homies who turned 20 today, October 19, 2014 (in the US side anyway, it’s 20th in the Asia side omg). Please do read it with a smile. If you’re frowning, it will make you smile! HURRDURR.

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"…we love Holly and Gail and I think we’re all very proud of  that relationship. We did it, we wanted to do it carefully and well and I think we managed to show two people falling in love with each other without making it all about the politics of it." -Tassie Cameron (x)

These two idiots are idiots.


Original: ことうみ
Artist: TsukiHanyan


Defense mechanism.





Before I was with you, she and I were in a relationship.